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The Bradford Youth Frontier

Started by a group of passionate individuals, this club is the world's first ever frontier! From initiating more civic engagement within the youth population of their town, to holding competitions and events, this club has accomplished a lot! Meet the Bradford Youth Frontier here!

Beach Deck

After witnessing the death of George Floyd and the outrage over discrimination and inequality in the United States, and all over the world, we held a peaceful protest of our own in Bradford. With over 150+ participants we walked down Holland St West,in honour of those who lost their lives and to show our communities support and unity.


Bell Let's Talk Day

We recognized how difficult the pandemic and lockdown has been for everyone, and we understand the crucial need for youth mental health advocacy. So we joined the conversation on #bellletstalkday

During these difficult times, we at the Bradford Youth Frontier recognized that many of our fellow peers felt as if they were out of touch with our town, so we decided to hold a sessions of interviews with some of the most prominent figures in our town, to hear what they have to say. We interviewed our Mayor (Rob Keffer), South Simcoe Police Chief (John Chalmers) and Principal of Bradford District High School (Peter Stone). Click HERE to watch the interviews!

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 1.31.24 PM.png

Online Competitions/Challenges

From Valentine's Day movies to activities that get your blood pumping, our Frontier group has held multiple week-long challenges and competitors to raise spirits and have some fun during the lockdown. Some of our competitions include: The Ultimate Fan, Make Your Own TikTok, Spin a Ball and more! We have also hosted an online movie streaming and online candy grams for Valentine's Day weekend. The Media panel also put together a series where members of the youth frontier could give their movie and tv show recommendations! 

Online Meetings

Even though we're in a worldwide pandemic, we don't let that stop us- all our meetings take place over Zoom so we can stay connected. We have 6 different panels (Events, Health & Wellness, Charity & Fundraising, Media, Town Facilities and Juniors 101) and each panel has their own tasks and events they're responsible for. Our Frontier group so far contains: Eliza Pasha, Adam Qureshi, Urwah Rabbani, Sheeza Kamal, Emily Merjo,  Jada Mohammed Amy Li, Angel Tran, Jessica Wei, Wafa Rashid, Braeden MacLean, Laiba Sohail, Joseph Sun and Aminah Syed.

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