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Rental Programs

Issue: on a worldly level, there has been so much talk about recent events and the affect of humans on the environment, the dangers of global warming and what we can do to help. On a more personal level, we understand that students and youth come from all different types of socioeconomic background, but we believe that no person should be hindered by inaccessibility to attend events or participate in sports.


Solution: to address both of these matters we have come up with a free rental system that can be used by anyone anywhere! We have 2 main branches of our rental programs: PROM drive and sports equipment.  Our PROM drive focuses on formal clothing which can be used for any formal event (semiformal, homecoming, prom, weddings, interviews, etc) here you will find formal clothing that has been donated by people who do not want their dress or suit to only be used once, giving these clothes a chance at a new life. The sports drive focuses around any and all sports equipment that has been lightly used/outgrown and can therefore be used by some other person. 


More updates coming soon, follow us on Instagram @theyouthfrontier to stay tuned

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